Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google footprint for TLC at Emory

So this might be jumping the gun a bit, but I realized yesterday in discussing what I'm doing right now, that it would actually be very difficult to find anything on TLC at Emory if I were to do a Google search. It wouldn't be that difficult to find ECIT and the programs they offer, but you'd be hard pressed to see much about TLC. The best bit that we have is a little blurb that I did last year following the first iteration (scroll down for it). Depending on your search terms, this page comes up within the top five or so of hits on Google. But that's not ideal.

Obviously if TLC becomes more of a GSAS initiative it will get a bigger presence on the web. But something that ECIT should be consciously thinking about is how we can let others know what we're doing here.


Shawn McCauley said...

I think this was mentioned by Wayne and/or Shannon at one point, but would it be possible to set up a TLC webpage that gives a brief description of the program, a syllabus, and some examples of the ways in which past students have incorporated what they learned in the seminar into their teaching (blogs, wikis, etc.)? I know a lot of people in my cohort at least used Blackboard in their teaching, but they could use bFree to pull out an electronic portfolio of those parts of their BB sites that are most important (like Harry's wikis, for example). Just a thought.

Brian said...

Good point, Shawn. I've just discussed this with Wayne. We're going to hold off on this for a moment as we're putting our energies into getting TLC taken on by the graduate school at large. Once we've done that, we will create a whole new section on the ECIT website that describes the program.

Using bFree would be a good way of going about this next semester, as I think TLC will remain one of my key ECIT duties.

Wayne said...

Just to update this discussion, the proposal for the evolution of the TLC program has been given to the Dean of the Graduate School. If all goes well there will be a new page linked from the ECIT site to promote the new program and act as a resource for the program's alumni.