Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fixing computers

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We've been having a problem with Firefox on the Windows computers in ECIT. Essentially, although the software was updated to version, FF kept trying to update to What this really meant was that every time you launched the browser, you got an error message or two. This is annoying once. When it happens to you repeatedly throughout the day, it gets tiresome rather quickly.

Not so tiresome that we have spent any great amount of time fixing it to this point, however. Today, I resolved that I was going to quash this bug. I first tried reinstalling on the admin side (where the bug was not manifesting). That didn't work. Next I tried uninstalling all of my "Add-ons" (the real reason to use Firefox. See some of my favorites here.) Didn't work. Finally I decided I should try what I should have started with: a web search. Within ten minutes, I'd found a Mozilla forum dedicated to support issues and specific advice for solving my problem. It just goes to show you, the wisdom of the masses will trump that of any lone geek 99% of the time.

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Wayne said...

You go geek! I realize that you think it is geeky, but as you witnessed first hand it becomes a pesky problem if not addressed. Good work!