Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Distributed fiction

So I've seen things like this before, but I've never had the chance to play with one as it is developing. A new distributed fiction by Toby Litt has gone live today. The basic plot is that a teenage daughter who has been getting into trouble in California is taken out of her environment by her parents who suddenly move to England. The house they're in may or may not be haunted. We'll get to find out as things go along.

You can follow the fiction by reading the blog of the daughter ("Slice") or of her parents. (Of course, the author have chosen age-appropriate domains for hosting the blog. You can also receive updates on Twitter (Slice and parents) and on Flickr. Finally, you can email Slice and interact with the characters that way.

This appears to be something that is coming out of a six-week project run by Penguin in the UK. You can read about this week's story here. And you can read the previous week's story here, which runs in Google Maps. Hey, I had nothing better to do for the next few days...

Credit to academicdave for pointing this out. Via Twitter. Of course.


sap said...

is anyone interested in having a bookclub meeting on this? i am unclear why I should participate in distributed fiction? it seems like a giant pain.

Brian said...

(snark on) Is the willingness to have a book club discussion on a piece of fiction the only measure of its worthiness? (/snark off)

I think that it is just evidence of people using the tools available to them at the moment to craft new forms of fiction. It's interesting for the attempts at storytelling in new and various media rather than for its inherently literary quality (which is sometimes dubious and resembles Hollywood plots more than anything else).