Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Professors Strike Back!

Much as I hate to drive traffic to something like mtvU, they actually have an interesting page up right now called "Professors Strike Back!" The general idea is to give professors a chance to respond to comments left for them on ratemyprofessors.com. (Sadly, yours truly never generated enough antipathy or enthusiasm in his four semesters teaching and TA'ing at Emory to generate any comments on the vaunted website.)

What I want to know is how the audience of mtvU (who is their audience, by the way?) is supposed to understand the video responses. Are these videos there to provide a serious and open forum for professors to finally have a chance to say what they'd like about their students? Or is this supposed to document even further how out of touch particular professors are? Where's the entertainment value here? Is it in seeing professors light out against students whom are deserving of calumny? Or is it in seeing these attempts at lighting out fall flat?

Interestingly, ratemystudents.com is waiting to be developed...

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