Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bloglines vs. Google Reader

I'm curious about feed aggregators. I haven't used them a whole lot except on my igoogle page. I know some of this blog's reader (you faithful few) are partial to Bloglines. I've also fiddled around with Google Reader (given my slavish devotion to the big G and a desire to keep things within one account where possible).

So I'm wondering if anyone can argue for using one service over another. Within Bloglines, can you share your feeds with others? I've discovered how to share materials in G'Reader (you can see mine here or subscribe to the feed here). But what I'd really like to do is to see the feeds that good friends, like RB or SAP, or supervisor-types, like WM or ME, peruse regularly. I'm not seeing that in the Google version at the moment.

In any case, I'm interested in getting opinions here about how you read blogs. Consider this your chance to participate in Web 2.0 and create some content yourself.


Michael E. said...

Brian -- I use Bloglines, but it's funny: I always opt to make my subscriptions private, so, in fact, no one can see what I'm subscribed to. I have no idea about the overall percentages, but a lot of people seem to work this way. (I don't know if you know this, but each time you subscribe to something on Bloglines, you can opt for public or private subscription.) There are, for instance, SEVEN subscribers to the grad blog, but only two of them are public (and neither of those two are graduate students!).

rachel said...

Seven subscribers!!!! The mind reels.

Brian said...

I appreciate the feedback. At the moment it seems as if I'm sticking with Google Reader since I haven't really logged back into Bloglines in a week but have been adding things to Google. I think that I like only having to log in to one place.

That having been said, I liked the functionality of Bloglines in many ways. It's harder to organize the feeds within Google, and there's not an easy way to share them with others or to see what other people are reading. Even if people keep their subscriptions private on Bloglines, I like knowing that the possibility exists to share more. This communal aspect is appealing to me. And I too was boggled/reeled to see there were multiple grad blog subscribers.